Our Promise

Heart & Soul – The Organic Harmony is inspired by an exceptionally caring and curious dream. A dream to connect with nature and create the purest, most ethical and non-toxic products for each and every one of you. We believe the abundance of nature can be ethically used to enhance our bodies. In a world where you are surrounded by products disguised as “all-natural”, we dare to be different and completely transparent about who we are and what we heartily bring to the table. Simply put, our brand was born out of a pure dedication of discovering skincare, haircare and wellness blends that are procured in the most natural and gentle ways possible.



We pride ourselves on ethically sourcing all ingredients, being vegan, cruelty-free and quintessentially non-toxic. All our formulas are assembled and blended locally to retain ultimate freshness. Our potions adhere to strict purity standards and we conduct meticulous tests to give you the finest, healthiest and most luxurious products. Heart & Soul is essentially rewriting the rules by bringing together truly natural, refreshingly real and soulful formulas, that you thought couldn’t exist.

giving it our

Heart & Soul

Bringing a Heart & Soul product home is akin to taking a journey towards feeling good inside out. We will be your one-step towards guiltless skincare and self-care, a step towards joining the clean beauty movement, and a step towards living in harmony with nature. We are evolved beings who refuse to define you by age, gender or any such bias. We are here to completely shatter unnatural beauty standards that have existed beyond times, and celebrate the pure power of Mother Nature – to celebrate YOU!

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The process of investing time and money with expectation of achieving health glowing and supple skin in the future.