Knots? Split-ends? Frizzy hair? Dry-scalp?
Having a good-hair day can truly lift your personality and people's perception of you.
Who can stay grumpy on days when your hair is having a joy dance with the wind?
It can boost your self confidence and flip the charm switch on inside of you.
Although it often takes a bad-hair day to fully appreciate the good ones. Maintaining and grooming the hair is a task for most people and it is not uncommon to see people investing huge amounts of time and money in it. Bringing you the not-so-secret, but oh-so-effective recipes of generations of Indian mothers and grandmothers, Heart and Soul Organics vouches to act as your talisman in this haircare journey preparing the finest alchemy to bring back the volume, shine and bounce of your hair.
The shampoos and conditioners are extracted methodically so that its healing property stay and brings you a refreshing and soulful formula.
The superhit blend of Coconut and avocado together, produces nourishing intense moisturising and herbal shampoo to soothe your scalp and adding the keratin to its root. The company is overwhelmed with this elixir of pure goodness for bringing back life to dead and frizzy hair.
Onion, being the key ingredient, is mixed with the super effective organic Honeysuckle and ginger to increase the tensile strength of the hair, protecting its roots and replenishing all the healthy nutrients required.
Heart and soul Organic also brings Argan oil reactivating and nourishing shampoo along with the conditioner for your oily scalp to ensure healthy hair growth and reduced dandruff While choosing a good shampoo is important, so is a conditioner matching it.
The result? Smooth, strong hair that smells awesome too.
Don’t wait much, get yourself this natural and organic hair shampoo.
Time to show-off that signature style of yours, mi amigo!

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