Building the Organic Story with Heart and Soul

S concept defines organic products as products that are indigenous, naturally treated without any chemical usage. The ancient annals detail us about various civilizations using organic therapy for their sustainable beauty maintenance. Organic is what we are using or what we see in our environment as everything around us has some reflection regarding our body and mind.

Let say for Japanese, rice is their staple food and in past, all the Japanese women use to clean their face with rice water to make it look cleaner glassy. We use rice as a face pack, which helps in scrubbing and cleansing methods. Similarly, we have an ample number of examples in our daily life, which is being packaged with fancy covers that flatter you in many ways. Nowadays, the hue and cry of going back to organic come from the abysmal of a chain we have created of chemicals with the exploration of chemical industries, and still, it has safer grounds for its instant effects. The growth of all sector industries in the 18th century gives a wing to other industries. Hence, the exploration of the chemical industry jumped in the making of beauty products—the unanimous faith in initial stand flung by people. With continuous growth and expansion of the industry legitimize the experiments and filling of chemicals in beauty products.

Every other day new experiments, laboratory science, dermatological practices promoted the growth of chemical composition in beauty products for long-lasting skin tightening hacks, which gave birth to exploitation termed as – Chemical Bully.  

Chemical bully is a term used for the exploitation of humans are facing due to the uprooting of chemical substances around ourselves, whether our food items, medicines, pesticides, fertilizers, urea, etc. Hence, to avoid such mishaps, the concept of the organic globe came to light. Statistics by the Food and Agriculture corporation of the united nations claimed around 40 percent of the population of the developed nation turned to organic or vegan. The harmful chemicals with soothing fragrance blind you in a branding and marketing strategy includes – Sulphate in various forms like SLES and SLS which is a strong detergent to create lather and removes dirt and oil, it is generally used in products like body wash, face wash, shampoos. But it also removes natural moisture from the hair and body & has toxic effects on the body. 

Parabens: The second most harmful chemical used by almost all pocket-size makeup products as it is used as preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing in the cosmetic industry. But many a survey promulgate that it disbalance the natural hormones and can cause breast cancer in females. The growing industry of organic beauty products has eliminated the confidentiality of composition. 

Sodium Chloride: Simple salt used to make the consistency thicker, but at the same time, it can make your scalp dry, itchy, leads to hair loss & burning of eyes.

Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA): Used as emulsifiers and foam agents, but it increases cancer risk. 

Formaldehyde & Triclosan: Used as preservatives in cosmetics along it causes hair loss, brunt scraps, etc. & Triclosan increases the risk of cancer as it disrupts hormones. 

With growing awareness of the importance and éclat efficiency of organic components, few lists of organic skincare products are highly in demand among peers. 

Indeed, Heart and soul Products brings out the best organic products (paraben and sulfate-free).

And their products are the unique blend of Ayurveda with 21st-century biotechnology. 

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