Winter care with natural products for natural Skin.


Winter is not considered the best time for your smooth and glowing skin. The change in the temperature can cause various skin problems like chapped lips and dry skin. It is like a curse for the skin. But, not now, you can always take care of your skin with natural products. Products that will make your skin smoother and glowing. 

Non-Organic products skincare products have taken the market, telling customers the actual truth about their products. Non-Organic skincare products contain man-made chemicals that are harmful to the skin in the long run. At the same time, Organic skincare products are obtained from nature and do not contain any man-made chemicals. Also, these organic skincare does not affect your skin in a bad way even after a long time.

Some of the products that you should surely choose over non-organic products are:

Moisturizer: Used for dry skin. It maintains the moisture of the skin and prevents the skin from being dry. You should probably use Chamomile & Vitamin E Face Cream. It contains Vitamin E, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Chamomile Oil, etc. Ingredients used in the cream boost your skin's shine and nourishes it.

Face Toner: One of the first steps you should take in winters is to stop using your regular face toner and switch to a winter face toner. Because your skin is flaky and dry in winters, it would help if you had a toner like Green Tea Face Tone that hydrates your skin and refreshes it. It contains Glycerin, Aloe vera, Water extracts of neem and tulsi, etc. 

Lip Balm: One of the most important that arises in winter with lips is, it makes the lips chapped. Rose & Fig Lip Balm can be used to prevent chapped lips. It contains a Rose and fig. It contains a fusion of rose, fig, avocado oil, beeswax, and shea butter. Rose helps in moisturizing and soothing while Fig helps in Hydration and softening of the lips. Considering this for the lips would be a great choice if you face chapped lips problem.

Face Wash: To get rid of everyday dirt and other skin impurities, use Rosemary and Aloe vera face wash. It contains wheat protein, purified water, glycerin, and essential oils. It protects the skin, makes it refreshing, shiny, and hydrated.


Heart and Soul is an Indian company that manufactures skin care products that are organic. No harmful chemicals are added, and so, that makes the products cheap and safe for use. I will definitely recommend choosing organic products for your skin, especially in the time of winter when skin becomes rough and dry.

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