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Article: Juices of the week

Juices of the week

Juices of the week

The hottest days of summer are here, and it is time to pay attention to staying hydrated while replenishing nutrients to avoid any further health problems. Water is no doubt a sure-shot drink but if you want to juice it up, then drinking fresh homemade juices, is also a healthy way to stay hydrated. There are several healthy summer juices that help us to stay refreshed and energized as the mercury level rises. Various packet-packed juices or liquids are surely a good option available in the market but are they really effective as we talk on the behalf of our health. Amid pandemic situation one of the main things to be considered is immunity, while having all these juices, packet-packed stuff may have some added preservatives that hard struck your immunity resulting in various demerits for your health.

Here are a few organic products/juices that help boost your immunity & also aids your skin by providing organic skin care for you. Hence here is a plan for your next week to turn peak summer produce into supercharged drinks of all kinds, including unexpected smoothies that are excellent for your thirst as well as skin health.

Monday- Turmeric Elixir

Apart from fighting off various allergies, this elixir serves as a supplement to help fight inflammation, improve brain function, lower your risk of heart disease, ease joint pain, boost your immune system, combat free radicals that help to combat acne breakouts in particular. Many vegan skincare brands continuously advise turmeric to be the supplement of your organic skincare routine as Curcumin, the active ingredient present in turmeric has powerful medicinal & aiding properties.

So as now you know about the benefits, what are you waiting for?

Fill up a glass, shoot it down the hatch in a smoothie, or even you could go for a mix of some honey in it. This a match made in golden heaven.

Tuesday- The Health Mix

This may contain a blend of healthy proteins & nutritious fruits available easily on the market. The ingredients may contain the following of the components with the perfect combo & direction for the quantity to be used.

-Three Quartered apples

-Two peeled off lemons

-Four cups chopped Tuscan kale leaves

-One cup packed parsley sprigs

-One celery rib

-A one and a half teaspoons ground turmeric

So just mix it in your juicer & chill the blend & you are ready for the Tuesday health juice.

Wednesday- Purple Haze

This is a sweet, vibrant juice that gets you a savory kick from the addition of sea salt. The ingredients may contain the following of the components with the perfect combo & direction for the quantity to be used.

One medium beet, peeled and quartered

One large quartered Apple

One medium chopped Carrot

One medium peeled Orange

One 4-inch piece of fresh ginger

1/8 teaspoon fine Himalayan pink salt

Stir the juiced mix in the salt & serve it chilled.

Thursday- Electro Shot

This vitamin C-packed juice, flavored with fresh fennel and green apple, is a total immunity booster. Vitamin C is touted & suggested by many organic skincare brands as one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market. Vitamin C may be the key to maintaining a smooth, even, and glowy complexion.

All you have to is, blend it, mix it, ice it & have it. Not only as a chilled booster but it also acts a premium source of organic skincare.

Friday- Marbled Smoothie Pops

This recipe breaks the stereotypes & proves that smoothies have so much potential beyond breakfast. As this natural & nutritious smoothie enters your breakfast routine the scorching summer will have no reason to stay. The ingredients may contain the following of the components with the perfect combo & direction for the quantity to be used.

-Three chopped medium bananas

-Two cups of full-fat Greek yogurt

-1/4th cup of honey

-One teaspoon pure vanilla extract

-One cup of fresh or frozen berries

An exact chilled match for your Friday morning cravings.

Saturday- Cantaloupe Juice with Ginger and Lime

Cantaloupe or Kharbuja is not only an extremely refreshing snack for beating those scorching summers but also a great fruit to give you a glow you never had before.

Add this amazing combo to your summer toolkit of juices & experience coolness & simultaneously organic skincare for you. The ingredients may contain the following of the components with the perfect combo & direction for the quantity to be used.

-Two cups chopped cantaloupe

-Two cups chopped pineapple

-Two-inch piece of fresh ginger

-Half lime

Serve it chilled!

Sunday- Aquavit and Fresh Tomato Bloody Mary

To get the richest of the flavor & taste for your chilled Bloody Mary mix, use super ripe, red tomatoes. You can also use cherry red or wine ripen red tomatoes to get the results.

- One & a half pounds ripe red tomatoes

- One cucumber, peeled and chopped

- One tablespoon finely grated fresh horseradish

- One tablespoon fresh lemon juice

- One/fourth ounce dried crumbled mushrooms

- Kosher salt

- Pepper

- Ice

- One cup aquavit

- Cucumber slices and lemon wedges, for garnishing purposes.

Serve it chilled for better taste.

Add these organic & natural juice to your weekly routine that boosts your skin organically as well as gives you a soothing freshness for summers.

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